29 de abril de 2020

capa pt

De acordo com as especificações do projeto ERASMUS+ KA2 “The system of support for academic teachers in process of shaping soft skills of their students”, todos os produtos desenvolvidos, no seu âmbito, devem possuir versões nas línguas maternas dos paíse parceiros.

Assim, disponibilizamos a versão portuguesa do Output 1.


20 de março de 2020

capa output1

Foi disponibilizada a versão inglesa do Output 1 – “Improve your teaching – Publication for academic teacher“.

The Output 1 – “Improve your teaching – Publication for academic teachers” – is an exploratory study. It was developed based on a questionnaire survey (Tuckman, 1999, Scott & Usher, 2003). This survey was designed to identify the perspectives of higher education teachers on themes related to the Soft Skills project and possible training needs in these areas.
Each partner of the project prepared a set of questions related to the theme. The questions were shared,
discussed and validated by all members of the project. An Excel database was built with a questionnaire in English and with four versions translated into the partners’ national languages – German, Slovene, Polish and Portuguese. Despite being written in five languages, the questionnaire had a single structure so the results would produce a single database. Taking into account the European data protection law, the Lime Survey software, installed on the IPS server, was used to ensure the security of the collected data.
Data analysis shows that the number of respondents is approximately the same in all partner countries.
Regarding the area of teaching, the Economics and Management area had the highest number of answers with about 34%. With respect to the teaching experience, we concluded that the majority of the respondents (53%) had more than 10 years of experience, with a very large percentage of teachers with less than 10 years of experience (40%). The age of the respondents was also very scattered, about 55% of the respondents were less than 40 years old, which corresponds to a relatively young population performing as teachers in higher education.
In the questions related to the use of digital technologies in the process of teaching and learning, the survey results shows the great importance that the use of digital resources available for learning and communication have. Despite the importance given to technologies, respondents revealed little knowledge about audio, video, and multimedia edition software or building Web pages software.
In the questions “how teaching and how to learn – through experimentation”, the survey shows that 95.45% of respondents answered that teaching how to learn is an extremely important and relevant element in the professional life of each person.
The survey on Teaching creativity, innovation, critical thinking and teamwork skills showed that the teaching approaches enhancing the creativity, innovation, critical thinking and the skills of teamwork are already quite strongly present in a higher education environment. As the study suggests, the frequency of use and the variety of such approaches depend upon the direction as well as the discipline of teaching.
With the questionnaire on Intercultural entrepreneurship, the state of integration of interculturality in the study programs were evaluated and explores the personal development of interculturality among the teachers.
According to the survey results, the subject of interculturality is well understood by most participants in
different countries and almost all participants find it important to develop intercultural skills.

21 a 23 de novembro de 2019

No Simpósio Internacional de Informática Educativa (SIIE 2019) foi apresentado um poster com os resultados do inquérito por questionário no que se relaciona com o tema Utilização das tecnologias no processo de ensino e aprendizagem.

O SIIE 2019 decorreu em Tomar, Portugal de 21 a 23 de novembro de 2019.

Poster apresentado no SIIE 2019

Poster apresentado no SIIE 2019, Tomar, Portugal
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