About project


The aim of EEP is to develop student-centred education by focusing on assessment and guidance practices and by developing an empowering and dynamic approach to the eportfolio process.

To summarise, EEP aims to:
• develop inspiring assessment and guidance practices in competence-based higher education, by increasing students’ engagement empowered by the use of a dynamic ePortfolio process drawn from the sharing of best practice
• increase student motivation and participation by focusing on personal accomplishments, creative ways of making competences visible in the digital world, developmental assessment integrating learning and reflection, and using competence-based criteria
• reflect the complexity, depth and scope of teaching and learning in an education-related career in a meaningful and accessible way for students.

The EEP is a creative endeavour, which acknowledges the innovative contribution ePortfolios make in aligning competence-based assessment criteria in degree programmes with the skills and competencies demanded by the 21st century world of work. In addition, EEP acknowledges that digital competence is a potential barrier to the successful implementation of ePortfolios and this is factored in to the developmental nature of the pilot activities in the project.

Partners: HAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland – Coordenação do projeto); Via University College (Denmark); KU Leuven e UC Leuven-Limburg (Belgium); Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal (Portugal); Marino Institute of Education (Ireland).

Time  ESE/IPS: Ana Luísa de Oliveira Pires (Coordenação); Ana Maria Pessoa; Maria do Rosário Rodrigues