The Special Interest Group on Educational Linguistics of the International Association for Research
in L1 Education (ARLE) invites you to participate in our next SIG Seminar to discuss what’s grammar
in L1 education today?
The seminar wants to illuminate the why-, the what- and the how- questions about grammar
education in L1 from primary to secondary school. In this context, EduLing 2016 SIG Seminar invites
all interested colleagues to propose a paper for this international seminar in one of the following
areas of interest relating to teaching and research in L1 education:

  • Role and purpose(s) of grammar in L1 education
  • Grammar education and linguistic theory, language usage and metalinguistic reflection
  • Grammar knowledge in curricula, textbooks and examinations
  • Grammar according to teachers, pupils and teacher educators
  • History and perspectives about grammar education


Organization & Scientific Board

Ana Luísa Costa – Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal
Caroline Doktar – Åbo Akademi, Finland
Isabel Sebastião – Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Joana Batalha – Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Paulo Feytor Pinto – Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal


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